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The Terrible Trio

Recently, a client came to us in regards to their company’s well water. They wanted to make sure the water was safe from pathogens and other microorganisms and free from odor. They were looking for an alternative other than using chlorine or chloramine.

After reviewing a water sample, the test results showed high levels of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide, or what we like to call — THE TERRIBLE TRIO!!

Iron, as one of the most abundant elements in the Earth’s crust, is commonly found in well water supplies. While iron generally poses no health threat to humans and animals, it is a stain-causing and sediment-forming nuisance that feeds numerous strains of bacteria. Manganese is far less abundant than iron, but still quite common and easy to recognize from the telltale black staining. Consuming elevated levels of manganese has been linked to neurological disorders. Hydrogen sulfide’s infamous rotten egg smell distinguishes it from iron, manganese and most other contaminants that are found in well water. In addition to its unpleasant odor, hydrogen sulfide concentrations as low as 1.0 ppm are quite corrosive; even very low levels can tarnish silverware and stain porcelain fixtures. So, how can you fight the terrible trio? We suggest two solutions, ultraviolet light treatment system with pre-filtration and ozone disinfection systems. The difference between the two systems essentially is: UV kills germs with light energy, whereas ozone kills germs and odors as an oxidizer. The systems can be used alone or together. Ozone and UV technologies are comparatively priced; however, ozone systems have a slightly larger footprint than UV. Operational costs of each system vary with the local price of electricity. The minimal maintenance and reduced chemical requirements of an ozone system, however, can create cost savings that can result in a system payback of three to six years. UV lamps must be replaced every 12 months to two years and must be figured into the maintenance costs for these systems. For more information on UV and Ozone systems, please contact us at Filter Pure Systems @ 1-800-942-7873 or email at

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