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Home Water Filter Maintenance

Many people have home water filters in their homes, but are they keeping them up with a regular maintenance routine? Keeping your filter system in top working order is key to having clean and great tasting drinking water. Many filters have suggested guidelines for home water filter maintenance, but there are those who still need assistance. For those who need a simple plan to follow for keeping their home water filter in working order, here’s 4 guidelines for home water filter maintenance:

4 Guidelines for Home Water Filter Maintenance

  • Monitoring – Depending on which home water filter you purchase, there are different ways to monitor it for problems or the need to replace it. Some filter systems will have a display that shows its status; other may show a simple read-out that changes color when it’s time to replace the filter system. No matter which type of system you choose, ensure you regularly monitor your filter for optimal drinking water quality.
  • Cleaning – Not every unit requires replacement; sometimes they only need a good cleaning. Again, keep a regular monitoring schedule of your unit and if needed, follow manufactures guidelines to clean your home water filter system.
  • Testing – Sometimes, even if the display shows a problem and you’ve cleaned the unit, testing of the unit might tell you if something is going on. For some home water filters, you can test it yourself, while others may require a professional to come in.
  • Replacement – There comes a time when no matter how times you clean or replace parts, the unit needs replacement. When it comes time to replace your home water filter, ensure you go through the manufacture’s recommended guidelines for replacing the unit. If you need assistance, ask a professional to ensure the unit is replaced properly.

To ensure optimal quality and performance from your water filter system, it’s best to have a regular home water filter maintenance routine. By following the steps we outlined above, you can be sure your filter system will stay in tip-top shape and keep giving you and you family safe and great tasting drinking water.