Everpure SEN Quad Upgrade EV9437-65 Kit

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Currently offered by Filter Pure, the Everpure EV9437-65 SEN Quad Upgrade Kit. Expand your water filtration system with the high flow quad SEN upgrade kit. For more information contact us at 800-942-7873.


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Everpure SEN Quad Upgrade EV9437-65 Kit 

specifically for operations with an existing Everpure High Flow Quad Manifolds.
The Pentair Everpure SEN Quad Upgrade Kit provides high volume, premium
filtered water without the water waste, electricity and drain requirements of
some high capacity, flushing water filter systems. The kit:

  • Offers
    up to 200,000 gallons capacity and 2.5x-3x more flow than an existing
    Everpure High Flow System, ensuring that adequate volumes of filtered
    water are available even as new water-using equipment is added
  • Reduces
    the investment required to purchase a new system by retaining and re-purposing the operation’s pre-existing Everpure High Flow Quad Manifold

features include:

  • Upgrading
    from the traditional Everpure E210 Prefilter Cartridge to the PolyForm
    Microfilter Pleated Pretreatment Cartridge offers a dramatic increase in
    dirt reduction and fewer change-outs
  • It
    also helps ensure that the SEN Fibredyne Fine Filters last to
    their published capacity even in  turbid water conditions
  • Its
    high capacity and dirt-reduction capabilities may require changing only 1x
    per year which reduces the labor and expense required to change-out
    filters 2x per year (or more)
  • The
    new upgrade kit provides high quality water for beverages while still
    providing scale protection for ice machines and coffee brewers
  • The
    upgraded system has nearly the same footprint as an existing Everpure High
    Flow Quad System

Endurance® SEN Quad Upgrade Kit includes:

  • Everpure
    PolyForm Microfilter Pretreatment System is engineered to uniformly trap
    particles down to as small as 0.65-micron by mechanical means*. With over
    26 sq. ft. of surface area, you’ll get long life out of your fine
     Everpure SEN Filters even in high particulate areas

SEN Fine Filters: 

  • Feature
    our exclusive Fibredyne II media which provides superior
    chlorine taste & odor reduction and micro-filters dirt and particles
    as small as 0.2** micron in size by mechanical means*
  • Are
    NSF certified for bacteriostatic effects which effectively inhibits the
    growth of bacteria on the filter media that can decrease product life*
  • Reduce
    cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia by mechanical means*
  • Plus
    offer chemical reduction of up to 50,000 gallons per each SEN Cartridge
  • Everpure
    2SR-BW Scale Inhibitor Cartridge offers scale protection for coffee and
    ice machines

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