Everpure Quad-MC2 EV9437-10 Prefilter System

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Currently offered by FilterPure, the Everpure Quad-MC2 EV9437-10 Prefilter System is a high flow CSR for premium water quality with a 20-inch prefilter. 

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The Everpure Quad-MC2 EV9437-10 Prefilter System features:

  • 20″ Prefilter System captures large dirt particles1/2 micron 
  • precoat filtration removes >99% of asbestos fibers, and >99.95% of cysts such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Toxoplasma and Entamoeba 
  • SR-X Scale inhibitor System inhibits scale build up in ice machines and coffee brewers 
  • 36,000 gallon capacity 
  • 6.7 gpm flow rate
  • Update 2017: Now with Black Bowls/Sumps

The Everpure High Flow CSR Quad system provides premium quality water to high flow fountain, coffee and ice machines. The new Micro Pure II media inhibits the growth of bacteria and other offensive containments that can adversely affect the taste of beverages.

This system increases the overall efficiency of foodservice equipment. Cartridge change is simple, quick and clean.

“We put one of these in our convenience store and it really makes a difference. This is the same system used by 7-11 (Southland) and Circle K convenience stores. After you put it in just try the coffee and soft drinks!”
By Roy from Florida

Download the Everpure Quad-MC2 EV9437-10 Prefilter System Specifications Sheet

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Weight 87 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 16 × 22 in


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