Everpure Residential EV927370 TFC-RO (B) Replacement Cartridge

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FilterPure offers the Everpure Residential EV927370 TFC-RO (B) Replacement Cartridge for ROM II and ROM III.


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Everpure Residential EV927370 TFC-RO (B) Replacement Cartridge Features: 

• Part Number: EV927370
• TFC RO replacement membrane cartridge 1PK for the ROMII (EV927385) and ROM III (EV927386) systems also use the S-101 Prefilter Cartridge (EV927377) and VOC #1 replacement cartridge (EV927379).
• Finely polishes treated water to premium quality for drinking and cooking
• Rated Capacity: 14.4 gallons per day (54 litres)
• Chlorine, taste & odor, sediment, lead and cyst reduction
• VOCs, volatile organic chemicals including THMs
• Removes dirt, rust, asbestos fibers and cloudiness including particles as small .5 micron by mechanical means
• Removes particulates including oxidized iron, manganese and sulfides 
• Adsorbs and controls even extreme levels of “off tastes” and odors including those which are earthy, moldy and fishy 
• Effectively reduces methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE)
• Inhibits lime scale build-up in water using applications
• Commercial grade filtration, Everpure signature metal canister protects the filter from splitting or bursting
• NSF Certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 42 chemical reduction and 53 certified to reduce cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia by mechanical means when used in ROM III Systems

Download the Everpure TFC-RO Membrane EV927370 Replacement Cartridge Specification Sheet

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