Everpure EV977134 High Flow CSR Quad-7CLM+

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Everpure EV977134 High Flow CSR Quad-7CLM+ System is designed to reduce chloramine in your water. Contact FilterPure for more information. 

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Everpure EV977134 High Flow CSR Quad-7CLM+

Chloramine reduction High Flow Combination System featuring two water outlets, one for fountain and drinking water applications and one that includes the introduction of polyphosphate for ice, coffee and steam applications. High capacity, 5 micron chloramine reduction system with 20 inch course pre-filter system that takes out larger dirt and rust particles extending the life of 5 micron filters. For use in high particulate water conditions. Up to 50,400, (190,785) gallons capacity at a flow rate of 4 gpm, (15.14 LPM).SS-IMF scale stick is easy to use and maintain providing balanced feed and longer life protecting equipment from scale build up.

  • Update 2017: Now with Black Bowls/Sumps

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