Everpure EV9437-40 Endurance SC 1.1 Twin High Flow System

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The Everpure EV9437-40 Endurance SC 1.1 Twin High Flow System is self-cleaning and features a pretreatment system. For more info, contact FilterPure.

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The new Everpure EV9437-40 Endurance SC 1.1 Twin High Flow System can meet your peak water demands today and tomorrow. 

  • This new Self Cleaning model features smart, flushable hollow fiber technology that adjusts the flush cycle based upon water usage. 
  • Ideal for tap water that has extreme particulate, including ultra-small colloidal particles that can clog fine carbon filters. 
  • Up to 100,000 gallons (378,541 litres) capacity and no electricity or drain required! 
  •  3/4″ inlet/outlet. 
  • Rated Service Flow: 7.5 gpm (28.4 lpm). 
  • A unique pretreatment system, the municipal-grade hollow fiber membrane reduces particulates down to .025 micron by mechanical means replacement cartridge EV96280-91, estimated life of 3 years.
  • Features SEN Cartridges (EV9628-80 SC replacement kit) with proprietary Fibredyne II media for superior contaminant reduction. 
  • Utilizes 2SR-BW Phosphate Cartridge (EV9627-14) for scale reduction. 
  • High capacity allows for once-per-year filter change outs.
  • Outstanding dirt-capturing capabilities. 
  • Compact design nearly the same footprint as the Everpure High Flow CSR Quad System. 
  • Certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53.

For more product information, contact FilterPure at 1-800-942-7873.

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Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 16 × 22 in


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