“I appreciate all your help with putting this filter solution together for my homeowner. She was so happy with the results of how the softener and UV water filter system worked on her well water. It was the first time she was able to drink the water from her kitchen faucet for almost 17 years. I thought she was going to start crying, she was so happy.” – Ken

“You did a great job with helping me to be able to quote the proper filter equipment for my clients that are using our steamer ovens.” – John

“I appreciate you coming here to my restaurant and taking the time to get us properly equipped with the right water filter system. My customers and employees have said that they can see a big difference in the taste of the water, coffee, ice and soft drinks. Lunch and Dinner covers have really gone up since the new equipment was installed.” – Chris

“By adding the commercial sized water softener to my whole facility it has changed almost everything with the water and for the better. My cost for detergents are lower because I use a lot less soaps in the warewash equipment and overall general cleaning. Glasses and silver ware look new again and I don’t have the issue with having to rewash those items. I have less maintenance now on all my equipment that either heats or cools the water and my 5 flash boiler-less water heaters use less energy and are more efficient. Even the automatic flush toilets work better. I’m saving enough money on my electric bill, water bill and cleaning supplies that the new water equipment will be paid for in less than 6 months. Thanks for all your help, I wish I called you guys a long time ago.” – Larry

“We were having issues with our HVAC makeup water having a high grains per gallon reading with the hardness in our water. Our cooling towers were in a state of constant repair, excessive corrosion and need of descaling. Our internal Maintenance Engineers were spending an excessive amount of time with this issue, so much in fact that the rest of the buildings maintenance and routine service suffered.That’s when we decided to call in the professionals. We contacted Filter Pure Systems to see how they could help with getting a solution for our problem. Once the water sample results were completed it seemed all the answers to our problems happened in a flash. They provided an analysis and a side stream resolution for our problem and had the much needed equipment at our facility and ready to be installed without delay. Ever since the installation of the filtration and water treatment systems provided by Filter Pure Systems, our facility has been running at a very efficient pace and productivity is back. Definitely comfort assured. Thank you Filter Pure Systems.” – Rick P.

“I own a portable auto detail company and I was having a very difficult time with the water I was using. On all of our trucks we have a 500 gallon tank that we fill up daily at different locations throughout the day. We use that water during the pre-wash, wash and final rinsing of the vehicles we detail. The water we use is all different and has different levels of hardness, grains per gallon at all of our fill sites. The water leaves spots and hard water residue in every wash and takes extra time and labor for our on-site detail techs to get the results our clients expect. I called Filter Pure Systems and let them know of my problems I was having. The recommendation they gave me was perfect. The items we purchased weren’t expensive and did the job by making the water soft and more wet so the spotting issue is now a thing of the past. I’m now saving more money on soaps and detergents that the system has already paid for itself in only 4 months. I appreciate all your help Filter Pure Systems.” – Danny

Product Reviews

“Great filter, I used it because McDonalds’s is using the same filter for it’s beverage system. Same thing Outback, Circle K, 7-11, etc. use.” –  By FS Guy from Tennessee

InsurIce 4000 System
“This is the best Everpure InsurIce system with 4000(2) cartridges that we have used. The filtration and flow rates are great!” – By Rob from South Africa

Quad CSR System,
“We put one of these in our convenience store and it really makes a difference. This is the same system used by 7-11 (Southland) and Circle K convenience stores. After you put it in just try the coffee and soft drinks!” – By Roy from Florida