SHURflo Water Boost Replacement Pump 8025-933-399

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SHURflo Water Boost Replacement Pump 8025-933-399 by Filter Pure Systems.  Positive displacement three chamber diaphragm pump.

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SHURFLO Water Boost Replacement Pump Features include:

  • Core pump model: 8025 Series
  • Positive displacement threechamber diaphragm pump
  • Application: water delivery
  • NSF/UL/CSA-listed
  • Self-priming. Pump can run dry without damage
  • Ports: 3/8″Quick Connect
  • Electric cord
  • Base plate
  • Designed with integrated double check valves


  • 115 VAC, 90 PSI, 1.6 GPM open flow
  • 3/8″ [10mm] and 1/2″ [13mm] fittings available
  • corded pump
  • Replacement pump for water boosters 804-002, 804-023-SV, 804-023, 804-026, 804-037, 804-126, 804-323, WB2-LVPO-01, 804-423, 804-425, WB2-HYD, 804-426, (fittings not included)

The 8025 (Non-Carbonated) Water Booster Pumps are for applications where low or fluctuating water pressure to the dispenser valve may result in an improperly brixed drink. The booster pump maintains consistent water pressure at the valve(s) resulting in a quality drink. The pump permits the operation of flow control valve(s); either one fast flow (2.5 oz/sec.) or two standard flow (1.25 oz./sec.).

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 6 × 5 in


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