Marine 169107 SSFM-50CC Bromine Feeder

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Marine 169107 SSFM-50CC Bromine Feeder 

Proportioning bromine feeders add a predetermined quantity of elemental bromine into the freshwater discharge of the on-board water maker prior to the potable water storage tank to ensure the potable water is bacteriologically safe for human consumption.
Everpure is the original manufacturer of bromine feeders and the manufacturer of the patented Everpure Brominating Cartridge (NSN 4610-01-022-9970). Everpure sold this line to Bromine Systems Inc in October 2014. Brominators are installed aboard nearly every US Navy surface warfare vessel, USCG Ships, USACE, NOAA, and numerous offshore oil, gas and production platforms. The Brominating Cartridge is recognized as the safest, most reliable, most effective and easy-to-use water disinfectant for marine applications; no more chemicals to mix, no fragile pumps and valves that clog, no flammable and/or explosive reactions with organics (fuel oils, paint,etc).

For additional information on this product, contact FilterPure at 1-800-942-7873.

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Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 15 in


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