Everpure EV927841 QC7I 7CLM/7SI DIO

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Everpure EV927841 QC7I 7CLM+/7SI DIO head allows for two outlets to accommodate two different applications. Contact FilterPure if you need more information.


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Everpure EV927841 QC7I 7CLM+/7SI DIO Filtration System – the integrated head design incorporates two independent systems, 7CLM+ Triple and 7SI Twin Systems into a single configuration.

Two separate heads allow for different water pressure configurations for each system.

  • NSF 42/53
  • .5 micron filtration for both 7CLM+ and 7SI cartridges.
  • 7CLM+ primary fountain system for the reduction of chloramines, chlorine taste & odor
  • 7SI secondary system reduces water related ice machine problems caused by scale and build up from dirt and dissolved minerals.
  • Residual chlorine allowed to flow into the ice machine works to fight biofilm and prevent slime.
  • Replaced the EV9278-40

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