Everpure 124E EV9105-02 Filter Cartridge Kit

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FilterPure now offers the Everpure 124E EV9105-02 Filter Cartridge Kit for the CB20-124E Filtration System.


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Product Description

124E Cartridge Kit

  • Part Number: EV9105-02
  • 1 CC1E Cartridge
  • 15,000 gallon capacity
  • Goes to CB20-124E System

If you want your beverages and ice to consistently taste clean and fresh, the Everpure EV9105-02 is the cartridge you need. The granular activated carbon (GAC) in this CC1E cartridge decreases chloramine, chlorine and other off-tastes and odors. The complete modular package gives you the capability to expand as needed.
Download the Everpure 124E EV9105-02 Filter Cartridge Kit Specification Sheet

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 7 x 24 in



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