PURA 15820121 – UVBB-2 SD 5 micron String Wound Sediment 15 GPM 110V

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Pura 15820121 offers UVBB-2 SD 5 micron String Wound Sediment 15 GPM 110V.  For questions call Filter Pure today at 1-800-942-7873.

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Pura 15820121 – UVBB-2 SD 5 Micron Water Filter


  • Electronic lamp indicator (LED)
  • Standard voltage 115V


  • 220V / 50 Hz (2-Prong Euro plug)
  • 12V DC
  • Lamp Out Circuit (LOC) – (normally open) Safety monitor for alarm
  • Lamp Out Circuit (LOC) – (normally closed) Safety monitor for solenoid shut off

The UV BigBoy™ Series is the most versatile commercial ultraviolet disinfection system on the market today. This 15 to 60 GPM series is manufactured with versatility in mind, and is virtually unlimited in the possible filter configurations and manifold sequences. The series is designed with the same traditional style that Pura® has made an industry standard – worldwide. One advantage of the UV BigBoy™ Series is the convenient manifold mounting rack. The rack can be used to configure up to four UV chambers in parallel or in series. This allows the user to achieve either a higher UV dosage or higher flow rate (up to 60 GPM). This mounting rack configuration provides easy access for cleaning and maintenance to the individual units without the need to shut down the entire water distribution line. The standard LED lamp monitor provides a visual verification the lamp is in operation. The UV BigBoy™ Series, with its capacity, versatility and cost, is the world’s most flexible, complete water disinfection system in its class.

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