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Lamp #20 (for Addon-3; UV20 & UVBB Series)
Quartz Sleeve #10 (for UV-1 Series)
Quartz Sleeve #11 (for Addon-1 & UVB Series)
Audible Alarm 120V for NO LOC
Lamp #10 (for Addon-1 & UV-1 Series)
Lamp #11 (for UVB Series)
Channeling Sleeve for UV20 Series
UV Lamp Max Plus
UVSS Lamp Lamp 6 & 6M
Quartz Sleeve #20 (for Addon-3 & UV20 Series)
Quartz Sleeve #22 (for UVBB Series)
Installation Kits (1 & 2 GPM Systems)

PURA Water Filtration Systems

Every year, consumers and businesses spend countless dollars on bottled water. Some want the improved taste and smell, while others want water free of contamination. PURA water filtration and sterilization systems offer an economical alternative to bottled water, delivering healthy, tasty water directly from your own water supply.

Bottle-less coolers have recently gained popularity as an environmentally and financially responsible alternative to water delivery service. PURA bottle-less water coolers filter out contaminants, sediment and bacteria for safe and refreshing water at home and work. Both compact and durable, these bottle-less coolers offer water for drinking, coffee, ice and cooking.

Bring the same purity of PURA bottle-less coolers to the rest of a home or office water supply with PURA ultraviolet sterilization systems. PURA UV systems represent a sound investment, requiring less frequent maintenance than chlorine- based systems. UV sterilization provides a scientifically proven method for removing potentially harmful bacteria and viruses from your water.

At FilterPure Systems, Inc., we carry a full line of PURA bottle-less coolers and UV sterilization systems. To learn more, Contact Us today. Visit us online or reach Customer Service at 1-800-942-7873.